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Tributes to Rick

In the few days after Rick's death, when his daughters Flea and Chrysta were with me, we were astonished by the number of tributes that rolled in on Twitter and Facebook that showed the extent of people's love for Rick. One of those tributes was a piano compilation of songs from Fingerbobs created and played by Steve Rosenberg of the BBC. Steve and Rick never met.... he was just another of those many people who carried a love for Rick and Fingerbobs in their hearts. I took the liberty of intercutting some of the other tributes into Steve's movie and am sharing it with you here. There were literally thousands of tributes, which Gary Vaux very kindly compiled for me into a document that runs to 90 pages. Rick knew he was much loved but I think he would have been blown away by this outpouring. It was certainly a comfort to the three of us in the days after his death.

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