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Every Little Bird

Rick was known to his three granddaughters as "Grandad Rick" "GDR" , or "Granite Rick". Even though they were born and raised in England, Rick maintained a very close relationship with them, and had all the time in the world for them when we were in England or when they visited us in the States. Every Little Bird is a song that Rick sent to his granddaughter Marnie. His message said "this is for you; do with it what you will." Marnie absolutely loved the song, and wanted to present it somehow at the London celebration of Rick's life in February. She and her sister Ava went into the studio and added their voices to Rick's original track, and we presented it at the Celebration as a short video. There was not a dry eye in the house.

The song has been released as a digital single and is available on all of the streaming platforms.

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